Vertical Screens.

Shadow Dancers - The Global Footprint.

Wow Factor - Flip Your Screens Vertically!

Vertical screens are not a new concept, but they are also far from a staple of the entertainment scene. Casino's first recognized the benefits of having a screen turned so it present special content in a vertical viewing area. Gentlemen's clubs have slowly caught on and are reaping the benefits of having dancers captivating their audiences filling more of the screen and creating the illusion of a dancer in a virtual window.

The club in the picture is in St. Louis, MO and has taken advantage of mixing standard HD screens with vertical HD content. They have used "Shadow Dancers Vol 10. Girls Who Love Girls" and "Shadow Dancers WOW Factor 2 Disc Flip Your Screens Vertical" creating a fantastic effect. The feedback from the club was an instant success and patrons really loved the look and sexy feel this presentation created.

The editions are available for instant download in HD from Vimeo and can be encoded onto a DVD or BluRay for HD or they can be played natively in HD off a Memory Stick in loop mode or via a media player from the various vendors who supply entertainment venues. (Videotel)

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